Flipping broken skateboards into fun and useful products.

Breaking skateboards has always been a sad occurrence, but today that's different. Usually a broken skateboard means you have to stop skating and shell out another $40 for a decent deck, unless you're sponsored. Now, I see broken skateboards and I'm happy because I know kids are still launching themselves down stair sets and handrails in the name of a kind of freedom that is hard to explain.

It also makes me happy because that means I have tons of raw material to make fun and colorful new things. Most of the popular skateboard manufacturers have a thing for coloring their decks. Aside from having no practical purpose other than discerning from "blank" decks, colored ply adds interest and variety. Once a skateboard is done flipping and sliding under some of the most talented feet alive, I collect them from local skaters, skate shops and parks and through the magic of raw love, hand tools and solar power new, colorful products are born.
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